{oc} remember those good old times?

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1-28 Actresses. mischa barton; katherine heigl; lindsay lohan; sophia bush; kristen stewart; jessica alba; bethany joy; kirsten dunst; alexis bledel
29-30 marie antoinette
31-42 fashion;
{oc} remember those good old times?

move on.

I'M MOVING ----> droppingtear is my new account.

I just can't stand my name anylonger, it seems like lj hates my account too(it doesn't show my entries in your flist - I hope this entry will be shown!!) & I don't have the money for a rename token. That means I had to take droppingtear 6 couldn't use intothesky!
please add me; I'll try now to add everyone, but it could be that I fail =/ lol

until April I will comment and post in all the comms and stuff still with this account, but my private stuff & entries will be only at droppingtear